How To Remove Disgusting Skunk Smell From Pets

Skunks are very adorable to look at with their black and white stripes, unfortunately they also comes with a very disgusting smell which is very hard to remove most especially from your pets. The reason why these animals spray their overwhelming smell from their tails is because they tend to defend themselves whenever they fell threatened.
The disgusting odor left by skunks into your pets is quite difficult to eliminate most especially when you dont know how to go about it. A lot of home remedies which includes tomato juice are popular skunk odor removal, as others might have said. However, tomato juice would only mask the skunk odor temporarily from your pet. The real skunk odor will resurface after a few hours, and tomato juice will only make your dogs fur reddish or pinkish.
Theres a homemade recipe that works like magic though, its a shampoo solution which uses baking soda, liquid dishwashing soap and hydrogen peroxide. You just have to mix 2 quarts of peroxide, ten drops of dish soap and about one half cup of baking soda in a bowl and mix it thoroughly. There, youll have the shampoo solution that could help you eliminate that very nasty skunk odor from your pet.
But before you proceed in cleaning up your pet, try to seclude your pet first while mixing the solution. You dont want him to brush off the smell out of his body into your furniture and other things. Bathe him outside the house to make sure that skunk odor will not spread inside the house. But if thats impossible and you really have to bring him on an inside bathroom, put him into his carrier when you bring him inside.
Remove everything first in the bathroom and make sure that theres proper ventilation before you bring him in. Then you can now proceed into bathing your pet. Use the mixture like his regular shampoo and it thoroughly into the area where hes been sprayed. Just to be in the safe side, do it twice and shampoo him again with his regular pet shampoo. Rinse and dry him properly so there are no more residues left.
If you dont want to mix your own home recipe though, you can always buy some commercial products that are widely available in the market. Make sure that you choose the right product that can neutralize the odor and not just mask it. Also choose something that is safe for you and your pet. There are a lot of products that contains chemicals which can only cause harm to your pets, so please be careful.