Bird Watchingcaring For Birds In The Winter

The needs of wild birds in the winter are different than their needs in warmer weather. Also, in the winter, birds may be arriving to feeders individually or in flocks. Consequently, their human friends need to provide birds with options.

Feeders should be placed near cover but in such a way that would allow birds to watch for danger. For ground feeding, one should find an area near cover but with a clear view of the surroundings so that danger can be spotted easily by the feeding birds. Feeders should be placed out of the wind. The east or southeast of the house is an ideal spot away from the wind. A perching spot such as a bush or tree should be found near the feeder. Trees and bushes provide safe refuge from the elements and predators.

To entice birds such as juncos, sparrows, brown thrashers and pheasants seeds can be put into a ground feeder. Even tree dwellers such as red=bellied woodpeckers will eat from ground feeders. Cardinals, chickadees, wrens, jays, and titmice prefer platform and hopper feeders. Because hanging feeders blow in the wind they are, generally, used by birds able to hang on while feeding such as finches, nuthatches, titmice and chickadees.

A great seed to offer during the winter is the sunflower seed. It has a high calorie per ounce. It, also, has a high fat and protein content and is thin shelled. The thin shell makes less of a mess when discarded by the birds.

Suet is great for feeding birds in the winter. It is a high-energy food with a pure fat substance which is invaluable for birds in the winter when insects are scarce and birds need more calories to keep their bodies warm. Suet can be fed in a variety of feeders ranging from suet cages to wooden feeders that offer protection from the elements.

Peanuts are another food that is good for birds in the winter. Peanuts have a high fat level and are often used in suet products. Peanuts provide a good source of protein for birds.

As at any other time, birds need to have a source of water. Bird baths are a great source for water and should be heated to prevent the whole bath from freezing. If bird bath de-icers are used, the bird baths should be able to stay out all winter with no problems.

Lastly, birds need some form of shelter in the winter to protect them from the elements and natural predators. Roosting boxes or natural covers are ideal. It is imperative to clean bird houses to help reduce the possibility of parasitic bugs that are able to survive the winter.

By following these simple, common-sense rules, anyone can see how rewarding bird watching can be, even in the winter.

Bowmanville Zoo – Promoting Awareness And Understanding

Bowmanville is the largest community in Clarington, in the Durham region of Ontario, Canada. The community itself has a population of around 32,000 people, and has been noted in the past for its role as a Prisoner of War camp for Germans captured in Africa during World War Two. Today, one of the most interesting spots in Bowmanville is the citys zoo, the largest privately owned zoo to be found anywhere in Canada.

The History of the Bowmanville Zoo

The Bowmanville Zoo is located on what was originally public park land, which included a pool, a petting zoo, tennis courts and a few cottages. The Connell family, who ran the petting zoo, purchased the plot of land in the 1950s. The family renamed the park the Bowmanville Zoo in 1964, and sold the entire package in 1988, when it under went yet another name change and became the Bowmanville Zoological Park.

Under the new owners, the zoo received accreditation from the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums in1993. In addition to other awards and achievements, the zoo received the Thomas Baines award for outstanding excellence and achievements. The park is committed to its role as a voice for conservational education and the promotion of viable captive populations of endangered animals, and has undertaken a role as educator in this regard. Among other things, the zoo puts on many orientation programs each year teaching children and adults alike about the importance of animals within their ecosystems and ways in which we can care for our environment.

Other roles of the zoo

The Bowmanville Zoo has been noted internationally for supplying Hollywood with some of the worlds finest animal actors. Among these are the lions from The Ghost and the Darkness, the panther from Amazon, and Maggie the Macaque, a TSN sports forecaster during the National Hockey League Playoffs.

Not only is the Bowmanville Zoo committed to promoting an awareness and understanding of the natural world; it often brings that natural world to the community itself. The elephants that make the zoo their home, sometimes take strolls through the community or appear at season opening football games, while the zoo makes them available for rides almost all year long.

All in all, the Bowmanville Zoo represents a truly unique way for a menagerie to bring environmental education to people.

Experience Rich Fauna and Flora with Safari Packages

Holidays are the most awaited days for every family and it can spend it in any of the ways like going to a peaceful hill station, or a happening city, an exotic beach locale or an adventurous trip. It is always exciting to explore new locations and destinations. One of the best ways to explore the nature in an adventurous manner is to opt for safari packages.

For safari, the most favorite destination is Africa. The rich and varied natural heritage of Africa has been the reason behind its gloried fame. Hence, to provide smooth and hassle-free experience to the travelers, there are various travel agencies who offer affordable safari packages.

The exceptional beauty of Africa’s land sets it apart from other destinations. The place is a perfect amalgamation of natural scenic and wildlife. This is the reason, innumerable visitors head towards Africa to enjoy their vacations. The beauty of Africa gives wonderful moments to the visitors that they can cherish for lifetime. If beauty is the essence of Africa, then adventure is in its soul; and thus when it comes to safari adventure the only destination one can think of is Africa.

A safari is basically an overland journey to explore nature-close destinations. It is a traditional way of spending quality vacations. Earlier, people used to travel to such destinations for hunting. However, in today’s modern world, the concept of hunting has been replaced by sight-seeing and wildlife photography.

If your family or friends are looking forward to a thrilling experience, then safari adventure is something not to be missed. The joy and anxiety aroused by safari adventure is tremendous and challenging. And this adventure can get double if you travel by elephants instead of going by car or any other vehicle.

To get the excitement of animal ride, and to enjoy all other thrilling activities, it is ideal to properly plan the trip. Find out a good travel agency, which can assist you in arranging for your accommodation and all basic necessities. This would help in maintaining your high and would not come in the way of your safari adventure and enjoyment.

Travel and tour agencies have good experience in this sector, and therefore are competent enough to set the itineraries for enjoying the flora and fauna of Africa. These agencies ensure the travelers’ safety and security as well. As a result, safari packages have become a great option for people who look forward to take a break from their hectic life and taste the pleasure of voyage.

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Dave The Monkey – The Hottest Funky Christmas Toy

There is a funky new must have toy to buy this Christmas and he’s called Dave the monkey. Cute and cuddly he may be but he’s ready to get the whole family laughing as he sits on your shoulder ready to hurl abuse at anyone that passes by. Let’s explore more about this interactive shoulder toy called Dave.

Cheeky, Random and Interactive. Dave is controlled by cutting-edge electronic circuitry and these help his movements to look incredibly lifelike. He moves his head around and swings his arms and even goes into sleep mode. But even in the sleep mode he will periodically scratch his head and look around to just let people know he’s still there! Dave the monkey has basically 33 different movements that you control via a small hand held wireless remote control and there are literally thousands of combinations off movements and sounds. So each time this funky monkey does something it is usually different.

Demand for this shoulder toy is high! So high in fact the manufacturers are looking to open up another factory to be able to keep up with Christmas shoppers going crazy to get a cheeky monkey for their kids. Hamley’s, one of the top toy outlets has put this innovative toy on their top ten Christmas wish list and are anticipating sales to sky rocket. So it is advisable to get hold of your very own Dave the shoulder monkey to avoid disappointed children on Christmas morning.

The Interactive Ventriloquist dummy for the 21st century is how the boss of the company Wow! Stuff the people who created Dave the monkey has described him. He’s only eight inches tall but he is full of fun. Some of his interactive movements include whispering in your ear and making very funny noises. Each country seems to have a different name for this cheeky little guy and one of the most popular names is Dave the funky shoulder monkey.

One of this years hottest kids toys is going to be Dave the Monkey and as I’m sure you know, hot kids toys sell out very quickly. This cuddly little toy is tipped to be one of this years top sellers. Manufactures are struggling to keep up with pre sales already so you will need to be fast if you want one of these cheeky toys. Make Christmas morning something to remember for your kids with a Dave the monkey toy.

Simple Guide To Grilled Basa Fish

Basa is a farm-raised fresh water fish. Basa fish is part of the catfish family. One of the benefits of basa fish it the lack of smell. Unlike other fishes you will not get that fishy smell after preparing basa fish. An even better benefit though is the delicate and mild taste.

Basa are native to the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam and Chao Phraya basin. The basa fish are important food resource with an international market. The basa fish has grown more popular in the western market the later years. It is now available in many supermarkets. Since the basa fish is an imported fish you will most often buy it frozen.

The way we grill basa fish is very similar to the way we grill fish like salmon. A good tip is to brush the fish with butter and add some spices to increase the taste. You can also use lemon or lime to give it a fresher and better taste.

After you have spiced it up and prepared it for the grill you should pack it in aluminum foil. Just take a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it around the basa fish filet. You are now ready to grill the basa fish.

When it comes to how long you are supposed to grill the basa fish, people have different opinions. It all depend on how well grilled you want it to be. I typically grill on each side for 10 to 15 minutes or until it flakes. There is no need to turn the fish around all the time. Lay it on one side for 10 minutes and then turn it around for an aditional 10 minutes.

You now have a short guide for on how to grill basa fish. All you have to do now is get to the store and buy you some to get started.

Choose Animal Hats To Stay Trendy And Show Your Adoration Towards Animals

People have been using hats for centuries. It is worn for several reasons such as for protecting head, for some rituals, celebration and of course for fashion. It is beautiful fashionable accessory, available in varieties of style, designs and ranges. Animal hats are quite popular these days. Now, plenty of online social clubs and stores are available, offering extensive range of animal products and accessories at the best rates. You will find full range of diversity in entire animal hats collections including monkey hat, tiger hat, bunny hat, wolf hat, Zebra hat, penguin hat, panda bear hat and pig hats.

Animal hat provides you warmth, silliness and fun that will take out entire anxieties and tension of your monotonous life. Fox hat helps you stay warm and comfortable while outdoor event. Fur accessories are not only fashionable, but also very functional. You can wear it right from formal to a casual event. Moreover, you are going to wear an old party dress, you can choose Fox hat to compliment your outfit. People prefer dark hat with light color outfit or light hat with dark outfit. It enhances the look of wearers not only in party, but also in photos.

Each and every type of animal hat shows some specific characteristics. Money hat represent that you are really a master of practical jokes with a clever personality. Tiger hat shows that you are brave, competitive and a little bit unpredictable. It also represents that you love to face challenges in life. People, who are sensitive, compassionate and creative, love to wear Bunny animal hat. It gives a friendly touch in your personality. If you are loyal person and give relevant and wisest advice to other people, you would surely pick up wolf hat. Zebra hat symbolizes strength, energy and outgoing nature.

Reliable online stores offer highest quality animal product and accessories with excellent warranty. You can place order online and make the payment via credit card, debit card, MasterCard and PayPal and others. Some stores also have their individual social club, so you can also be a member for these clubs and show your true love towards animals. The panda bear hat shows that you are dependable and strong willing person with full of determination. Moreover, you are likely to be a motivated and confident person. Bear hat wearer are always honest and never use shortcuts to get success. Animal hats are perfect for cold and snowy days, as it naturally insulate your body and keep you trendy.

Why Do People Abuse Animals

Abusing is a form of showing cruelty in action. Since animal is not really related to human, animal abusing has been overlooked for quite some time. Some of the people keep pets just to release their anger or to release their tensions at work or at home. There are two types of abusing where one is via action and another one is in passive form. Passive forms include improper care to the pets such as insufficient amount of food and drinks, no proper shelter for the pets and never care about their hygiene. These are all the attentions which have been overlooked by the owners.

Why do people abuse animals?

Animal Meats for Trading

First of all, most people have the mindset of trading with animal meats. This might happen in the olden days where people were so poor and their main income came solely from animal hunting and trading. However, this is not the mindset we should carry today. People who want to trade animal meats for money will definitely treat them in poor condition. They will not be bothered to spend extra to provide good environment to the animals as their main intention is profit.

Animals for Film Making
There are lots of films making companies that include animal characters in their storyline. These companies will never really care about the animals. Sometimes, these animals were killed just to fulfill the storyline. Animals for film making are never treated like animals where some are abandoned especially their food supply and drinks when people are busy in acting. Besides acting, animals are also abused in most of the circuses. Although they look great performing on stage but at the back of the stage, the animals are all left in a small room with limited food. Some of them are injected just to make their body structure look bigger and strong. Worst case, they are beaten and trained forcefully for the sake of stage performance.

Animals for Guarding
Some of the animals such as dogs are adopted to guard the house, guard the farms and others. These animals will never get the chance to live in a good shelter with sufficient food supply. Most of the owners will just let the dogs scattering around to find their own food. This is the main reason where these abandoned dogs get diseases and sickness that will cause death.

Animals are just like human. They deserve the right to live happily in a warmth and great environment. Animals are cute in nature and are classified as humans best friends. So, stop abusing animals and give them the right to live blissfully.

How To Draw Animals Realistic The Best Way To Learn

Many people have a strong desire to learn how to draw animals realistic, and if you are one of those many people, you may be wondering what the best way to learn is. You can, of course get art instruction through a class or seminar, or you can hire a private instructor for personal, one-on-one lessons, too. The most affordable and convenient way to learn, though, is through picking up a step-by-step instructional book.

What Kind of Book Do You Need?

Learning how to draw animals realistic from a book just makes sense on so many levels, as it allows you to proceed at your own pace and it is entirely affordable, too. So just what sort of book do you need to buy? There are many instructional art books that teach you how to draw different species and breeds. First, you will want to decide if you want to draw one kind of animal, or if you want to learn how to draw many different species. For most people, the idea of learning how to draw many different species is preferred.

What Kind of Instruction Do You Get?

The amount of instruction you get in the various different books will vary quite a bit. If you want to learn how to draw animals realistic in the fastest and easiest way possible, you do want to get a book that offers the most instruction in detailed, step-by-step illustrations. By copying the illustrations in a step-by-step fashion, you can essentially mimic motions, lines, shapes, and shading until your skills and talents have been refined.

Putting Your Book to Use

When you learn how to draw animals realistic through a book on your own, you will benefit from being able to proceed at your own pace. This is a great benefit to you because drawing is a skill that does take some time for most people to master. While some are born with a built-in artistic talent, most of us will need to make several attempts at refining one skill before it is learned. In some cases, it can take you months or even years to fully master learning how to draw natural creatures. If you have had a desire to learn to sketch out animals, you should take a look today at some of the different books that are available on the market and pick out the best one for your needs.