Cruelty To Animals By Children

For years, psychiatrists have studied the link between cruelty to animals and that of sociopaths. Jeffrey Dahamer liked to cut off the heads of the animals he tortured and put them on stakes. This is a real issue and concerned parents should get help for their children if they notice them perpetrating any kind of harm upon animals. More than likely a child who abuses animals has severe mental issues. The child may appear “good” on the outside, but they may have psychological issues that cannot be dealt with by a non-professional.

With organizations such as the FBI all agreeing that cruelty to animals at a young age is a precursor to serial killing and rape, one should be watchful of how their children treat companion animals, such as dogs and cats. If a child has a mental disorder, then abusing small animals makes them feel as though they have dominance and control. If left unchecked during childhood, then as an adult, this behavior will likely transcend to human victims.

The question of what should one do if they witness a child abusing an animal remains. For one, a person should not simply shrug it off as normal childhood behavior. They should speak with the parents and if it happens again, then they should contact the correct authorities. Animal abuse so many times is seen as not being a serious crime, but it can lead to serious crimes in the future if not taken seriously. Another thing that adults can do in the fight for the prevention of cruelty to animals is to get active in their community and try to make the animal laws and consequences stricter on abusers.

Cruelty to animals by children is a serious issue that many overlook in today’s “me” society. If a child will talk about the abuse that is happening to an animal, then more than likely some sort of abuse is happening to that child. Sociopathic behavior can be curtailed if society only knows the warning signs and takes preventative measures. Just as children should be protected, so should the animals of the world.

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Bird WatchingChristmas is for the Birds

As winter and Christmas is approaching, many people are under the wrong impression that all the birds that are up north for the warm spring/summer months have gone south for the winter. This is a mistaken assumption. Many birds stay up north during the winter months and, indeed, are very grateful for the nutritious meals in the winter when insects are few and far between.

Many holiday songs are written with bird themes. All of us know of the “partridge in a pear tree” that was given by a “true love” and many are the bird ornaments found on Christmas trees throughout the country. Indeed, birds have been a part of Christmas celebrations for many a year and, if there are enough caring bird watchers around, birds will be around for Christmas for many years to come.

So, how do we care for our feathered friends during the holiday season and throughout the winter so that we may gain the most from their amusing games and joyful songs? Following, you will find a bunch of tips to get all of you through the winter.

As winter gets closer, many birds change their eating habits. Their supply of insects dwindles away and so, the birds will turn to colorful berries to provide them with winter survival energy sources. Birds, also, have a tendency to form flocks in the fall as flocks have a tendency to better find food and protect themselves against predators.

Life for birds in the winter is, indeed, a difficult time. Days are short and nights are long and cold. The natural food supply has been consumed or hidden by snow. Insects are long dead or dormant. Water is, usually, difficult to find. Consequently, food needed to give birds energy and keep them warm will be scarce.

Finding natural shelter is, probably, a difficult fete. These non-migratory birds will, naturally, be looking for man-made houses to protect them from the wicked elements. Alas, bird houses are more important than ever.

Birds are warm-blooded creatures. This means that they maintain their body temperature at a certain range depending on the temperature the body can produce. This depends on the energy level the bird can produce while feeding on nutritious food. Birds, also, fluff up their feathers creating air pockets that keep them warm. The more air pockets, the better the insulation. To keep up the metabolic rates birds need for all their physical activity, most of these wintering birds need rich, energy foods made up of made up of insects and suet. Changes in temperature and sudden winter storms make finding this food near to impossible. At such times, feeders need to be full so birds can, readily, find the food. Birds will returning to these full feeders on a regular basis and those, considerate enough to keep them full are in for a long winter of entertaining delight.

Identifying When To Administer Collovet To Racing Animals

The physical dedication and exertion demanded of racing animals by their handlers and owners can, on occasions, manifest itself in a variety of ways. Animals can often display signs of mental stress as consequent bi-products of the physical stress they undergo. When attention is required, it is required fast, in order to restore race horses and camels to peak condition in accordance with Government animal welfare legislation. As such, Collovet provides the first port of call to thousands of racing horse and camel professionals.

Collovet is an appetite stimulant and tonic specifically formulated with the needs of the racing horse and camel at heart. Tough training and racing schedules can result in performance stress to animals, causing them to be visibly depressed, listless, unwilling to conform, and also go off feed. A racing horse or camel reacts adversely in cases of accidents, confinement, excess heat and humidity, lack of rest, transportation, and exposure to weather extremities. Furthermore, it is only to be expected that racing animals might go off feed when recovering from illness and operations.

When handlers and owners spot any of these symptoms in a racing horse or camel, they should need no prompting to begin the administration of Collovet. This soluble tonic can be added to drinking water and milk in cases when animals are off feed. It can also be added to racing horse and camel feed in cases when animals are still eating solids, or are returning to eating solids. Its expert combination of B complex vitamins, iron, organic phosphorus, potassium and sodium, stomachics, stimulant and Vitamin B1 is safe. It is furthermore scientifically proven to address the variety of symptoms that an under the weather racing horse or camel is likely to display.

Collovet is a highly respected racing horse and camel feed supplement worldwide, besides in Australia, where it is formulated and manufactured by Ruth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd. With adherence to legislation governing animals and pets in mind, Collovet ticks all of the boxes, when used in conjunction with befitting veterinary consultation.

Rooting For A Reptile Romance At Singapore Zoo

Keepers relocate female false gharial to meet potential mate

It took the strength of more than 10 keepers at the Singapore Zoo to move a 3 metre long false gharial from her Bornean Marsh home early this month.

The 160kg reptile that has resided in the Zoo for the past 10 years was relocated to another exhibit because she was being bullied by a larger female. To keep the two females apart, keepers decided to move her to the Treetops Trail exhibit which is home to a 5m long, 600kg male. They hope the two massive crocodilians will take a liking to each other, and start breeding.

By introducing these potential mates, we hope to diversify the gene pool and increase our numbers. Not much is known about the biology of this species in the wild. Currently, the estimated wild population is fewer than 2,500 individuals, so captive breeding could play a vital role in the recovery of this species said Mr Subash Chandran, Curator, Singapore Zoo. Currently, Singapore Zoo houses 11 false gharials.

The false gharial or tomistoma, is a unique crocodilian that shares features with both the Indian gharial and other crocodile species, including the saltwater crocodile. These reptiles have slightly thicker snouts compared to the Indian gharial, whose thin snout helps it catch fish underwater. Unlike the Indian gharial which feeds exclusively on fish, the false gharial also preys on small mammals such as monkeys and fruit bats. The false gharial is one of the largest crocodile species, reaching lengths of 5-6 metres and it also produces the largest eggs of any crocodile species.

Throughout zoos around the world, there has been little success with the captive breeding of false gharials. Following efforts to breed this species at the Singapore Zoo in recent years, mating of these unique crocodiles and egg laying by the females has been observed. However, the Zoo has yet to successfully hatch a baby false gharial.

The false gharial has a low population density and is classified as an endangered species. Once widely distributed in Indonesia, Malaysia and possibly Thailand, this species has declined throughout its range. Small remnant populations remain in Java and Peninsular Malaysia and there are low densities of the species in Sarawak, Sumatra and Kalimantan. The false gharial is now extinct in Thailand.

While the main threat to this species is habitat destruction, intensive hunting in some areas has also contributed to its decline. Other threats come from fishing practices, with false gharials either becoming tangled in fishing nets or losing their food source to local fisherman.

Incredible Animals To Visit In The Gold Coast Area

In a region full of tourist attractions you may find it difficult to find a way to decide which attractions to take in and which ones to pass on. Although there are many different things to see and do, if you are visiting this region for the first time than it is best to visit those attractions that are unique to this region, allowing you the full Australian experience while visiting the Gold Coast, after all you can ride roller coasters and go shopping any old time, but seeing the incredible creatures that are indigenous to this region is an experience you can only have while in Australia.

And while it may seem that the Aussie zoo would be the place to go, there is a different way to see the creatures of this region in a much more relaxed and humane setting. It is a place called Paradise Country and in this farm like setting you can come and explore the animals in a fun way to get hands on, up close and personal with these amazing species of farm animals.

At Paradise Country you will be afforded the opportunity to not only see many different species of donkeys but to learn about each. Each donkey is unique and special and the owners of this attraction truly treat their animals with the utmost respect, care and love. Of course, donkeys are not the only creatures that you will see at Paradise Country as this farm is chocked full of cows, kangaroos, parrots, goats, sheep and emus.

The koala might be the reason that you will want to visit this zoo farm. They are sweet and playful and will touch your heart. The best thing that you will notice about this zoo is the fact that it is more like a farm than a zoo. You will see kids and animals roaming around in this peaceful and humanitarian setting. They have stations set up throughout the farm so that you can stop and learn about the animals at each one.

What a way to gain an education about animals at have an exciting day on the farm! Come and see all that the Paradise Country Farm Tours have to offer, it is just one of the amazing attractions on the Gold Coast.

Grief Counseling And Animals

Throughout life, there are many instances in which people are likely to experience intense feelings of grief. Dealing with the finality of death is an extremely difficult process, particularly when the departed is a loved friend or family member. Grief is also commonly experienced when a person loses another over a misunderstanding or like incident. However, emotions of grief are not only restricted to events involving death.

People sometimes feel grief after the occurrence of an event of which they are not satisfied with, or in connection with a planned outcome that does not reach its anticipated end. Regardless of the source of the grief itself, grief therapy can assist clients address these feelings and overcome them, resulting in a fully functional and emotionally free well-being during the course of the healing process and many years to come. In the world of counseling and therapy, there are various ideas and approaches offered by professionals on how to counseling for grief should be accomplished. One of these is the approach practiced during sessions for grief counseling in which pets are used towards aiding the healing of clients.

Animal-assisted therapy has been employed for years in helping clients feel more comfortable within the counseling session and improving the results of the course of the therapy itself. Specific animals used in therapy for grief may range from cats to horses, dogs, including many other small pets.

There are numerous health advantages that have been documented which clients can get from interacting with animali.e increased longevity, lowered depression levels and a positive increase in self esteem and well being. While owning a pet is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy these benefits, petting and playing with animals regularly during grief counseling can also go a far inlong way towards building emotional serenity and calm.

A Monkey Shower Curtain Is Really A Need To Have For Just A Hip Jungle Built Bathroom

No matter whether creating a crafted bathroom for the young children or perhaps you when young at heart and fun loving then you definately can’t go wrong with adorable monkeys along with all their safari good friends. There is certainly a large range of shower curtains accessible showcasing monkeys. You will find classy styles with embroidered monkeys and bananas, together with lovable cartoon monkeys swinging between the vines. One among my favourites is the peek-a-boo monkey shower curtain with a clear viewing panel (perhaps for those who feel a little claustrophobic in the shower). Some styles are very simple with just printed monkey faces, team this with a matching floor rug and you have an instant monkey bathroom.

The safari range I came across is specially lovable because they possess a giraffe lotion pump, monkey soap dish, and an elephant for a toothbrush holder and a lion tumbler. You’ll be able to get monkey shower curtain hooks which will brighten a plain curtain you already have or add the finishing touch to a new curtain. If you want to replace your toilet brush and holder even that is available with a monkey design. Wastebaskets come in a variety of materials (wood and resin) and are monkey or jungle themed too. Bathroom accessories tend to be either plastic or resin and can be decorated or relief. I particularly like the relief resin figures as they add a cute 3D effect to the bathroom really bringing the jungle alive! An excellent useful addition to your monkey bathroom would be a set of cute embroidered towels which come in either white or bright colours to complement your design. To save time trying to find co-ordinating accessories buy from a full range provided by one manufacturer such as the safari or the monkey business range and all the hard work is done for you.

If you look further afield than the bathroom department when shopping you will find monkey and jungle animal curtain tie backs to enhance your bathroom theme. Also a great range of art to decorate the walls, including decals which come in a variety of designs and most are removable. Check with the manufacturer first that they are suitable for wet areas like bathrooms. Please do not neglect your toilet when making over the bathroom – a padded toilet seat cover will add the perfect touch or have you seen the now great range of removable toilet seat tattoos available in round and elongated to suit most toilet seats. Start with your choice of favourite monkey shower curtain and let inspiration, imagination and creativity take you from there.

Choosing The very best Fish Oil Supplement Might be Easy If you have The correct Information

Using omega3 supplements frequently could be a life saving dietary regimen; even so, discovering a brand that genuinely keeps to its promise is usually challenging for people who do not know what to appear for. It is important to note that dietary supplements aren’t as regulated as their pharmaceutical counterparts; hence, you will find so many sub-standard brands available. So, this write-up is going to let you know how you can decide on the perfect fish oil supplement.

Oil from fish may be the ideal source of omega 3 fats simply because it truly is wealthy in DHA and EPA; for starters, these two fatty acids are the origins of most of the rewards we derive from omega 3. However, studies show that DHA is far more useful than EPA; it’s verified that the human body can turn DHA to EPA if the need to have arises; however the reverse conversion isn’t achievable.

Analysis also shows that DHA is turned into an anti-inflammatory agent known as Resolvin D2; this assists to keep inflammation and related diseases at bay. I ought to point out the fact that majority of the diseases folks suffer from which includes cancer and heart issues are induced by chronic inflammation.

Hence, the best fish oil supplements should include a minimum of 250 mg of dha per 1000 mg capsule of oil; the ideal ratio of dha/epa is 2:1.

Taking a supplement that contains the appropriate amounts of dha and epa will aid enhance your immune method, keep your heart wholesome and boost your brain functions; it will also aid to improve your vision, strengthen your joints and make your skin appear gorgeous among several other things.

Pollutions in the oceans contaminate the fish that reside in them; little wonder, majority of the supplements available on the market have traces of toxins like mercury, arsenic along with other heavy metals. The most beneficial fish oil really should not contain any toxin; so, you ought to look for a brand which is molecularly distilled mainly because that is the only purification technique that guarantees the toxins are separated from the oil to make it pure and secure.

Knowing what to look for will be the secret to choosing the perfect fish oil; now that you simply have the appropriate information, it’s time to look for the proper brand. For additional facts on rewards of omega three fatty acids and to discover about the premium good quality supplement I personally take, visit my site.

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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Fowl Haven is a very well-known few days vacation location from Delhi, It is just 14 kms from Gurgaon on farukhnagar street. Sultanpur Fowl Haven is located in Gurgaon Region in Haryana State, Sultanpur is located at 40 kms range from Dhaula Kuan in Delhi .Sultanpur bird sanctuary is perfect for bird watching and bird viewers, is best frequented in winter seasons when a huge number of migratory parrots come here.
Approx 250 varieties of Birds are found at Sultanpur Fowl Haven. Some of them are citizen, while others come from far away areas like Siberia, European countries and Afghanistan.
Sultanpur Fowl Haven has guesthouse features for ornithologists & visitors with connected shower , Cafe Lawn etc. Nation Inn Kosi located on Delhi Mathura street at 99 Kms range rock, Nation inn hotel is distribute in 12 miles of area and wonderful grass, falls & features are made for visitor want have fun with their eat outside , day trip or few days vacation from Delhi, Mathura , Agra. Etc.
Accommodation & Facilities : Nation Inn Kosi
Country Inn Kosi has 16 well hired air programmed bedrooms with connected bathrooms & all contemporary facilities.
Activities : Nation Inn Kosi
Many Actions & activities are available at Nation Inn Kosi like Ping pong ,Carom,Video Actions,Other inside games ,Badminton ,Lawn Golf ,Skating band ,Childrens playground ,Obstacle place ,Joggers monitor, camel / Hippo drive, puppet display etc.
Facilities: Nation Inn Kosi
Country Inn Resort Kosi also has features like Washing laundry ,Room service
Cable TV ,Doctor on call ,Bar ,Multi delicacies restaurant ,Conference area
STD ,Private vehicle parking ,Car lease ,Artifact store ,Pick up and fall ,Bakery etc.
Dining: Nation Inn Kosi
Country Inn hotel Kosi has multiple delicacies restaurant known as as Big Eat , Nation Inn Kosi also has a bar Living room .
It is just 14 kms from Gurgaon on farukhnagar street. Sultanpur Fowl Haven is located in Gurgaon Region in Haryana State, Sultanpur is located at 40 kms range from Dhaula Kuan in Delhi .Sultanpur bird sanctuary is perfect for bird watching and bird viewers, is best frequented in winter seasons when a huge number of migratory parrots come here.
Approx 250 varieties of Birds are found at Sultanpur Fowl Haven. Some of them are citizen, while others come from far away areas like Siberia, European countries and Afghanistan.
Sultanpur Fowl Haven has guesthouse features for ornithologists & visitors with connected shower , Cafe Lawn etc. Nation Inn Kosi located on Delhi Mathura street at 99 Kms range rock, Nation inn hotel is distribute in 12 miles of area and wonderful grass, falls & features are made for visitor want have fun with their eat outside , day trip or few days vacation from Delhi, Mathura , Agra. Etc.
Accommodation & Facilities : Nation Inn Kosi
Country Inn Kosi has 16 well hired air programmed bedrooms with connected bathrooms & all contemporary facilities.
Activities : Nation Inn Kosi

In Japanese Culture The Koi Fish Or Carp Is Thought To Be One Of The Most Vital Fishes. This Is Because It Is Always Going From One Place To The Next And Dosent Stop Swimming, Often Moving The Water.

The Koi fish is pure perseverance – Koi swimming upstream can be interpreted as showing perseverance because of the fact that the Koi does not “go with the flow”. This can show a person how to be strong in the face of adversity and develop strength of character or purpose. The Carp can also represents wisdom, knowledge, longevity, and loyalty.
Strength in time of adversity – Koi fish also symbolizes persistence and the willingness to go on even though it is being swept away. It also symbolizes surpassing obstacles. The Koi fish swimming upriver can show how to overcome various obstacles and how come win victory over outside influences.
The Japanese Koi fish – Koi fish, or “colorful carp”), are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp. Koi in Japanese tattooing plays an important role in both Chinese and Japanese myths, legends, and stories. In many of the Japanese and Chinese stories, Koi are transformed through their efforts and perseverance, able to climb waterfalls or become dragons. The Koi as a symbol that represents perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character or purpose. The Carp can also represents wisdom, knowledge, longevity, and loyalty.
In the short story Koi-san by Mukoda Kuniko. it is said that the koi means love and friendship.
varieties of koi fish include:Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Kohaku – a red pattern and white-skinned Koi
Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) – a red and black pattern white-skin Koi
Showa Sanshoku (Showa) – a black-skinned Koi with a red and white pattern
Tancho – Any koi with the only red being in a circle on its forehead. The fish can be a
Asagi – a Koi with red scales on its bottom and light blue scales on its top
Shusui – Asagi the partially scaled version
Bekko – a white, red, or yellow-skinned Koi with a black pattern
Utsurimono – a black Koi with a red, white, or yellow pattern
Goshiki – red, white, brown, and blue accents with mostly black Koi
Ogon – Koi known colors – red, orange, platinum, yellow and cream that is one solid color, can be regular or metallic.
Kin Gin Rin – Koi .There are also Gin Rin versions of almost any other type of koi. The name translates into English as “Gold Silver Scales” with shiny scales
Kawarimono – some other Miscellaneous types of Koi
Doitsu-goi – German Carp
Koromo – Koi with areas of blue-edged scales aligned neatly