Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders That Work

What is a garden without birds? They liven up the space and make us feel more in touch with nature. To attract our feathered friends a bird feeder is a natural addition to the garden. But along with birds many people will have to deal with uninvited guests, mainly determined squirrels. Although the squirrel has a small brain, they are very resourceful and creative at stealing bird food. Squirrel proof bird feeders are your best bet at winning the squirrel vs. man battle.

If your current bird feeder is regularly being raided by squirrels you’ll want to do some investigating and troubleshooting to fix the problem. Whether your goal is to improve your current bird feeder or you plan on purchasing your first squirrel proof bird feeder, you’ll need to consider a few things. These tips should help ensure that whatever bird feeder you have or decide to purchase will be effective.

Where are you going to place your bird feeder? Hanging it from a tree is probably the worst place you can choose. Squirrels love trees, they can easily move around tree limbs and this is their natural territory. Squirrels are also great jumpers, so ideally you’ll want to place squirrel proof bird feeders at least 10 feet away from any fence, wall or tree.

How are squirrels getting to the bird feed? Again make sure you’re not giving squirrels an easy jumping point. If you find they are climbing the pole that supports the bird feeder, try greasing the pole with some Vaseline or purchase a baffle. Climbing pole baffles look like an upside down dish or pot that prevent squirrels from climbing up the pole. Try to get a large baffle and place it half way down the pole. If your squirrel is jumping on top of the bird feeder, consider purchasing a dome-like baffle that will sit above the bird feeder. When the squirrel lands on the baffle, it will tilt sliding the squirrel off.

How are the squirrels eating the bird feed? If they are sitting on a perch nibbling away, you might want to consider getting a caged model that will make it harder for the squirrel to dine. With an existing feeder, again try to stop the squirrel from getting to the perch with the above location tips. If your squirrel is tipping or spilling the bird feeder to get access to the food, consider getting a spill proof model or weight activated model that controls the release of food.

Remember a squirrel’s brain is the size of a walnut; your brain is many times larger. If he can improvise and be creative so can you. You might have to do some surveillance to figure out your particular squirrel’s technique to come up with a plan of attack. Try a few different options before giving up on your bird feeder. You can have a squirrel proof bird feeder and happy feathered friends.

The Guide to Hotels Near the San Antonio Zoo, Alamo, Riverwalk and More!

When visiting San Antonio, you will want to choose a hotel that lets you take in the most excitement. You have a lot of hotels from which to choose, so you can afford to be a little picky when you book your room. Why should you settle for a room that does not offer everything you are looking for? The good news is that there are several hotels near San Antonio Zoo that will give you the comfort and convenience you need to fully enjoy your vacation.

Location is important when choosing a hotel. When you stay at San Antonio Hotels near zoo , you will be in the perfect location to visit all the area attractions. Since you have probably traveled a long distance to get to San Antonio, you will want to limit your travel time while vacationing. By booking something near the Riverwalk, you will not have to travel to shop and dine and the Alamo is a short walk down the street.

Several San Antonio Zoo hotels also allow you to live in the lap of luxury during your stay. You deserve a hotel that goes above and beyond to get your business. Look for hotels that offer large screen televisions and deluxe bedding. There is no better way to start the day than waking from a restful night’s sleep in a comfy bed.

Several downtown San Antonio hotels also offer spacious rooms where you can relax. Who wants to spend a vacation cramped into a matchbox? In fact, you can even find hotels that offer suites giving you separate sleeping and entertainment areas making your room truly a home away from home.

Having a great vacation can be as simple as visiting a downtown hotel in San Antonio. The perfect vacation is a combination of exciting activities, local attractions and relaxing moments. With all of the hotels to choose from in San Antonio, you do not have to settle for less than you deserve.

Choosing A Stately Bird

Forty-three of our States and the District of Columbia have selected a bird to represent them as an emblem. In the majority of the States this popularly-chosen avian representative has been officially recognized and in the other states it is planned to have this done at early legislative sessions. The mere fact that these bird emblems have been chosen is not important so far as the emblem itself is concerned. What is significant is that which led up to the selection; the discussion, study, and thought that it required: the very real educational service that it performed. And the result is that affectionate interest has been thus aroused in all birds and their protection.
When the first query went out, “Have you a State Bird?” it was virtually a new thought. Aside from Louisiana, Maryland and Utah, where custom had already established official birds, and Kansas, where a successful early campaign was held, inquiry revealed that there were no state birds. So campaigns were started, taking most effective form in drives by women’s clubs, Audubon societies and Nature groups in cooperation with the schools to “get out the vote.” Quickly these campaigns grew into crusades. Many candidates were entered. Their qualifications were discussed from all angles. Inquiry brought out whether the birds nominated were valuable economically; whether they were truly representative of the region; what their distinctive characteristics were; whether they were attractive songsters, and many other details. An awakened interest in birds and their study and a greater interest in Nature Study were quickly noted. Balloting was active and the votes cast were well-considered decisions. Beyond all question the value of selecting an official State bird was established. Naturally in the various campaigns many interesting things developed. It is, therefore, of both value and interest now to review these various campaigns in connection with the reproduction here of these official birds in all their color and beauty.
For instance, in 1927, at the request of the Ladies’ Memorial Association, the Legislature of Alabama adopted the Flicker, or “yellow hammer”, as the official State bird. The members of this organization urged the choice because the Alabama soldiers in the Confederate Army were known as “Yellow Hammers”, and the yellow lining of the bird’s wings and tail recall the uniform colors of the Alabama cavalry. Or, when the General Federation of Women’s Clubs accepted the invitation to hold its 1931 Biennial Council in Phoenix, Arizona, Mrs. D. I. Craig, Chairman of Conservation for the State was urged to have a State bird selected before the meeting was held. She wasted no time and a campaign was launched throughout the State. Ballots were cast for various candidates but when these were counted the Cactus Wren was out in front in a run-away contest. A bill making the selection official was immediately presented to the Legislature and passed and signed by the Governor in March, 1931.

Valencia’s Zoo

Instead, ponds, rivers, rocks, streams and bridges are used in separating the visitors from all of the animals. Great care has also been taken in reproducing an exact eco-system that includes important African flora.

Valencia Bioparc covers 100,000 sq m of land and is nestled within the dried up Turia Riverbed. The zoo’s whole philosophy is a desire for promoting respect for any animal as well as the environment and to make people aware of how important it is to protect wildlife within its own natural habitat. The Valencia Zoo is divided into three main sectors:

Equatorial Africa: This section is the largest with the most amounts of habitats and ecosystems. Here, a person will find a large section of African birds. There are also gorillas and monkeys that can be seen here. The forest area that surrounds the mud lake is home to chimpanzees and leopards.

African Savannah: A visitor will be able to find herbivores such as white rhinoceros, giraffe, marabou storks, impala, and zebra here. Visitors can even pet inquisitive giraffes wandering towards them. Visitors can also go underground to see termite nests and anteaters’ dens. Elephants, mongooses and lions can also be seen here.

Madagascar: Lemurs can be found in this sector. A visitor can get the closest to the lemurs as these animals run around free in this area where the visitors walk.

The interesting feature about this zoo is that, unlike other zoos, animals can co-habit within the same areas like they would in a jungle. For example, a visitor will see monkeys sharing space with gorillas or zebras living alongside emus. As soon as a visitor arrives at Valencia Zoo they will definitely realize that they are not visiting the average zoo. They will cross the large bridge that takes them from the hurly-burly of the city and then enter a beautiful world in which different areas of Africa will have all been recreated.

The Bioparc Valencia offers visitors a place to eat throughout the park. They will be able to find a cafeteria where they can enjoy a three-course lunch. A visitor can alternatively choose to have some fast food for example sandwiches, burgers and chips. There is unfortunately no picnic area within the zoo. This is because the owners of the zoo do not encourage visitors in bringing their own food here as it is important that no visitor tries to feed any animals. A visitor can choose when to come to the zoo to enjoy all the animals. The mornings at about 10 am are relatively quiet although the animals will be active. At 19:00 a visitor can see the animals being fed.

Zoos Cannot Make Animals Live Happier

Zoos cannot make animals live happier
Zoos are sometimes seen as necessary but poor alternative to a natural environment. Is it necessary to keep animals in zoos?

In the modern society, zoos are almost indispensable places in large cities for people to visit. In some large zoos, there are various animals from space to sea, and from primitive invertebrates to advanced and intelligent mammals. In the zoos, all animals, including those rare animals, such as panda, Africa elephant, and North-East tiger, could enjoy good care and protection away from any hurt. However, along with the stronger natural environmental protection consciousness, many people think that to put animals into small cages will change their living instincts, and therefore break the ecological balance.

Viewed from the basic relations between animals and human beings, animals should have the equal freedom with human beings. They are all forms of life. Animals have their own living instinct, and it is this instinct that forms the biological chain of the Earth. This relation is called “Ecological Balance” academically. For example, insect-bird-snake. If most birds in a region are killed and lockedsintoscages by human beings, the pests will eat out all crops, and snakes will lose a large part of food (bird)-resources, therefore leading to starvation and death.

This opinion sounds ideal theoretically. However in reality, human beings and other animals cannot stay together peacefully on the Earth. Because of human beings’ lust for fortune, many valuable animals are killed or sold, especially those endangered species. Therefore, zoos appear as an active way for people to protect those poor animals. First, this is an action not only for animals but also for human being itself. Once the biological chain is broken, human beings will be punished inevitably. Next, zoos can serve a purpose of educating and entertaining people, narrowing the distance between human beings and animals. Last, zoos can be a scientific study center to rescue more endangered spices and make animals better serve people’s need.Staying at such a situation for a long time ,animals will lose their own characteridtics, supposing we give them freedom, when they come across a big ball mill ,it only be shocked. The key point of this topic is freedom or protection. In my opinion, those two aspects can be unified. It is necessary to keep animals in zoos for the purpose of protection, teaching and study. Let’s think it further, the purpose of all these actions is to make animals live happier, therefore, maintain the ecological balance, hence protect our own living environment.

How To Choose The Best Pet Bird

A pet bird is a companion for you and because of this reason; you must choose a bird that can enhance your personality. The bird that you should raise as a pet must be easy to train and relate to. It is good to choose a bird that is very intelligent like a parrot. Aside from being easy to train and teach tricks, it is not very big which makes it easy to care for. A regular cage will do to house it, with enough space to move around and fly in. Other necessary things to do when looking for a pet bird are as follows:

a) Remember that birds have wings because they are meant to fly. Even if they are kept in a cage, they need to able to feel the freedom of flying in a large area. It will be better if their cage is spacious and have room enough for them to fly around.

You have to train him how to do this inside the house though because you cannot let him fly outside.

b) Provide your bird with a large cage. Birds need space so that they can move around and spread their wings even if they are confined in a cage. It should have room where their food and water containers could be placed. It is also good if you can provide your bird with perches; this will allow them to play.

c) To avoid having your bird become lonely especially during the times when you have to leave him alone, provide him with a companion. It is always better to buy a pair of birds instead of buying only one.

d) Screen off your windows so that the birds cannot fly out of the room during the time that you let them fly around.

e) You also have to get yourself prepared for the responsibility that comes with having a pet. Remember that you have to give them nutritious food, fresh clean water, groom them and at the same time keep their cage clean. Cleanliness is important to keep your pet from getting sick.

f) Try to adopt a bird from your veterinarian. This is convenient since the vet must already be familiar with the bird and have its history. He can tell you about the bird’s qualities and you can see if they match your personality and needs. This would make it easier for both the bird and you to adjust to each other.

Having a pet can really consume time and effort but it beats having to return to an empty house. If you train your bird well, you can be sure of a happy and fulfilling life with him. Own your pet now and choose the best!