Methods Training Bird Hunting Dog

You can find and own your bird hunting dog as a buyer or as a trainer. When you visit qualified breeders to buy a dog, they will offer you dogs already trained to become great bird hunters. In this case you have a chance to own a bird hunting dog that needs no further training. But this is a rare situation. The hunter and the dog should be in harmony with each other, must know each other, and it comes natural that you want to own an obedient dog and a great helper in hunting.
With the exception of dogs trained by stock-breeders the final training of the bird hunting dogs wait for the owner. It is especially so if you find a dog in a kennel, or a friend presents you a young dog. These dogs normally aren’t trained at hunting (especially not in bird hunting). Your task is to get the dog trained. You can choose between different ways for training your bird hunting dog. The dog training schools are different and different is the price range…
The two main groups of trainers are equally helpful in training a bird hunting dog. One group of professionals do excellent work in training the dogs in hunting for birds. Another group is specialized in general obedience training. Hunters usually prefer to have a dog trained specially in bird hunting. Specialized trainers are much more expensive than those that teach dogs for general service and obedience. Training bird hunting dogs is a hard work, so qualified trainers can raise their prices. Yet, having a trained bird hunting dog you can use the things your dog learned immediately, at your first hunting trip.
You may prefer the things that general trainers offer: they are professionals at getting your dog to obey you in general. The result is excellent, because your dog will certainly be able to handle hunting with you, but will be in lack of the special experience in hunting.
There are further things that you should consider. The dog trained by a qualified trainer will follow the commands that the trainer used during the training. Maybe you will have temporary problems with your well-trained dog in obedience and in following your commands. This is why many hunters think, better if they themselves train the dogs. This type of training needs much longer time, but the special training in bird hunting and learning the obedience are going parallel. As a final result, the hunter and the dog will reach a good harmony in hunting.

Monkey Show – Family Entertainment on Koh Samui

Koh Samui, often simply called Samui by the locals, is a Thai island and is a part of the Surat Thani Province. Located off the eastern coast of Kra Isthmus, in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand, boasting an area of more than two hundred square kilometres. While not as well known as Phuket, Koh Samui continues to be a popular destination within Thailand. In fact, the clusters of hotels and restaurants adjacent to many of the island’s prominent beaches has grown to such an extent that they are now considered small towns. It is also well known for its extensive coral reefs, lively beaches and abundance of tropical coconut trees.

In fact, coconut trees dominate the landscape. They line the streets, border the beaches and can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and the islanders have developed a unique method of harvesting the tropical fruit; they use trained monkeys! These agile creatures are able to shimmy up a tree and pluck the fruit in a fraction of the time it would take a human, and so play an integral role in the island’s thriving coconut trade. While this is the reason why monkeys are considered ‘man’s best friend’ in Samui, travellers should keep an eye out for road signs that indicate monkeys at work!

Visitors to the island can also take in a Monkey Show. At the Monkey Theatre one will be able to see highly trained primates performing stage acts with incredible dexterity. From pretending to play the guitar to lip syncing to songs, the act is sure to amuse adults and delight children. A small entrance fee is charged. The audience sitting at the front row will be able to have a more interactive experience, so make sure to go early.

Tourists who want to enjoy the best beaches in Thailand without the customary crowds should think about booking their accommodation at a Koh Samui resort. The Anantara Bophut, Koh Samui is located on a private stretch of beach and is the ideal place to sit back and unwind. This luxury Samui hotel has a plethora of facilities including a spa, two restaurants and a bar.

What To Do When Your Koi Fish Is Pregnant

When it comes to fish having babies, there are two main ways that the females give birth. There are the fish that give live birth and there are the fish that lay eggs on some kind of surface such as branches. Koi fish are part of the group of fish that lay eggs. When you own koi fish, it is almost harder for them not to get pregnant. That’s how common it is.

For the individual koi fish owner, if you have male and female koi fish in your pond there is a chance they could spawn babies. Really, the female’s eggs will attach it itself to almost any surface. For large commercial operations as well as enthusiasts who breed for fun, there are certain products made to help you out with the job. There are certain grasses, water hyacinths, special mops and other devices that can be purchased at specialty shops and online.

Koi fish are usually ready to have babies by the time they are three or four years old. For the female fish to be able to have fish, you should feed her higher amounts of protein before she mates with the male. She could probably get pregnant regardless of her diet, but it’s beneficial to help the process along.

If this is a planned event, it makes sense to keep the male and female fish apart from each other to avoid having to clean up a big mess. Also, it becomes quite difficult to change the water after the female fish has given birth. If you do have a separate tank for mating, place the female fish in first in the morning and then the male fish a few hours later. This will let you keep track of what’s going on. The male fish push the female fish into whatever she is using to lay her eggs and then releases them. And that is how koi fish lay eggs.

After the eggs are laid, it is best to remove both koi fish from the separate mating tank (if you have one). Once the fish are laid, adult fish are very apt to eat the eggs. You will most likely want to do a water change with the water from the separate tank.

The eggs will need careful care for a few weeks. The water temperature should be no lower than 59 degrees, the water quality should be as perfect as you can get it and within a few days the new fish can start to eat live food such as brine shrimp. Within a few weeks they will be eating fish pellets and will be on their way to becoming a regular koi fish.

Endangered fauna of the Indian Forests- an overview

The forests of India provide habitat for many endangered species. Apart from the Indian tigers, discussed under the Project Tiger, many other species like the Asiatic Lion, snow leopard, lion tailed macaque, one-horned rhinoceros, red panda, blackbuck, slender loris, hangul, chiru, serow, sangai, wild ass, great Indian bustard, olive ridely turtle, etc fall under this category.

The Asiatic Lion is protected in the Gir Wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat. This majestic beast lives in groups called pride and moves around with his family.

The Snow Leopard with its cream colored fur and grey spot and extremely long tail is protected in the upper Himalayan region. Efforts are being made to protect this special specie of the Indian Wildlife.

Red Panda that feeds on bamboo shoots is found in the northern India especially in the Himalayan rgion. It is easily spotted due to its bright red fur coat. The lion-tailed macaque is a primate that is found in Western Ghats region of India. This omnivorous animal lives in the wet evergreen forests.

The blackbuck is the fastest antelope with blackish brown coat. Efforts to conserve this refinement animal of Indian Wildlife Tours are being made in the western region. The hangual or the red deer is found only in the state of Kashmir. Slender Loris is a primate, with long limbs, large ears and no tail. It is conspicuous by its silver hair and efforts are being made to protect this animal for the well being of the Wildlife in India. Bharal or blue sheep in Sikkim is also an endangered species of the Indian forests which needs as much protection and conservation as the Indian tigers and other wildlife species.

The US Government has passed a law called CITES- Conservation on International Trade in Endangered Species including the wild fauna and flora. Under this, it provides assistance to the states in India for conservation of such species. In 1994, projects were launched to protect two animals’ rhino and tigers in India.

Conservation Conservation is an essential fact of the wildlife in India. The biological diversity, natural heritage and wildlife of Indian sub continent are considered as nature’s gift and zealously protected by the people and the state.

Conservation of living resources has two main objectives firstly to maintain the essential ecological balance and secondly to preserve diversity of species and genetic resources. Our country has developed a network of 89 national parks, 490 wildlife sanctuaries and 3 biosphere reserves for conservation of natural resources that is a great step towards promoting and encoring Wildlife tours in India.

Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder, Impossible Maybe not

Being a builder of hand crafted Wild Bird Feeders the most common question I am asked, “Are your feeders squirrel proof?” In my opinion it is pretty much impossible to squirrel proof a bird feeder. Squirrels are pretty smart and quite agile little animals. Seems to me they can figure out any anti-squirrel mechanism. So what in the world can you do to keep these little guys off your feeders and stop them from eating all the feed and running off your wonderful birds? No, a pellet gun is not the answer, after all these squirrels are just being squirrels and there must be a humane answer to this question and there is, you just train them. Impossible you say, no not at all, read on and you will find the very best way to squirrel proof your feeders.

First off leave your bird feeders right where they are, you dont have to change a thing. About twenty five feet or so away from your bird feeding area put a flat feeder, plate or small board on the ground. There are also some nice Critter Food Dishes that can also be purchased that will go well and add a nice look to your landscape. This needs to be in an area that does not have dogs around. Go to your local merchant, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and pick up some “Critter Food”. This is not expensive and usually is made up of blends of seeds, grains, corn and peanuts. It will take no time at all before the squirrels figure out my food is over here and every time I eat over there that person comes out and yells at me and runs me off. It is important you must continue to run the squirrels off you bird feeders with vigor. In reality the squirrels really dont want to eat with the birds anyway.

It is that simple. I have been using this method for years and seldom do I have squirrels on my feeders. Another bonus to this method is Dove do not have a problem raiding the squirrels food. Happy feeding, your squirrel problem is now solved.

Health Insurance For Your Exotic Pets

Maintaining an exotic pet is no joke. It will require an equally exotic owner with exotic capabilities. Pardon the redundancy, but if you are really serious and hell-bent on taking good care of your exotic pet, you will need to have it insured! Yes, even exotic pets have medical needs and like people, they can be high maintenance, depending on type. Given from the very start that you own an exotic pet indicates that its maintenance is equally exotic, and it’s something you must also prepare for as you turn into a good exotic pet owner.

While it is true that only one or two percent of pet owners feel the need to invest in pet insurance, as an exotic pet owner, it is an unwritten, mandatory thing to have proper pet insurance. These exotic pets need as much care as you could possibly give. And unless you are earning pools of money daily, you won’t be particularly enamored to find that your veterinary bills may be bigger than your own medical bills.

For starters, there are a host of available pet insurance plans for ordinary pets. But if you happen to own something more exotic, you would also find that insurance plans for your creature would be hard to come by. But there are available plans, albeit a bit more expensive than others, given that the nature of your pet isn’t generally accepted as pet material. You must have considered this before you buy that exotic pet which caught your attention.

The usual annual fee for pet insurance ranges up to $200-250. This might not be too heavy an investment considering that it will really help the potential financial challenges you might get if in case something happens to and with your pet of choice. Veterinary fees are more expensive for exotic pets. Some veterinarians have to train longer than usual just to be able to accommodate the more exotic and potential dangerous pet.

Just like any insurance policy, read the fine print carefully. Check the scope of the insurance plan before you sign anything. Make sure that you are aware of what rights you are entitled to with that particular insurance policy. These policies can get quite tricky, so make sure that you have gotten exactly what you wanted for your pets health insurance. You wouldn’t want to realize a small but vital detail you overlooked after you have already dutifully paid and invested in the policy.